ICScada - Hosted Oil & Gas Solutions

The ICScada HMI provides application solutions for many aspects of the petroleum/oil industry. Petroleum application solutions include:

  • Oil Wells Production
  • Gas Wells Production
  • Water Wells Production
  • Gas Lift Injection
  • Water Injection Wells
  • Well Testing
  • Tank Monitoring
  • Facility HMI Controls
  • Compressor HMI Controls
  • Asset & Data Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Unlimited user access interface
  • Daily production reporting (Includes automated file transfers)
  • RTU Alarm reporting (Includes automated file transfers)
  • RTU Event reporting (Includes automated file transfers)
  • Meter Configuration reporting (Includes automated file transfers)
  • Alarming (email, telephone callouts or SMS as well as Third party module support)
  • Graphical trending for volume and accumulation, pressures, and temperatures
  • Daily Data abckup and storage for redundancy
  • Mutliple protocol data exports
  • (S.O.A.P.), (J.S.O.N.) AND XML data access to third parties
  • AER Directive 017 compliancy toolbox
  • Additional site monitoring and control parameters can be added as required by the client (tank levels, additional pressures, valve control, etc.).
  • Remotelty change control parameter, start/stop pumps etc.

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